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With God There Are No Coincidences

This is not my usual post because it isn't a card that I've made, but rather a wall plaque.

I have a friend who lost her husband in May. I've been sending her weekly cards and another friend sent me a text saying that her favorite saying is "With God There Are No Coincidences." She used to have a plaque on her wall with this saying, but she gave it away to someone else who was going through hard times. She asked if I would make my next weekly card with that saying, which I did. It was shown in my previous post.

As I thought about my sweet friend I decided to replace her wall plaque. I found a 12" Round Wood Plaque on Amazon and spray painted it white. With my Silhouette Cameo I create a cut file with the saying and cut it from matte vinyl.

In some of the sample for the plaque online it showed one with a black and white gingham ribbon. I really liked that look and so I went to Hobby Lobby to find the elements I needed to create a new plaque for my friend. I used the black and white gingham, but paired it with a pretty silver and then added a few sprigs of greenery. I really love the way it turned out.

She sent me a photo last night thanking me and showing me how it looks on her wall.


· Silhouette Cut File (Mystify and Antiqua Caps Fonts)

· 12” Round Wood Fiber Plaque (Amazon)

· Krylon White Satin Spray Paint

· Oracle 631 Black Matte Vinyl

· Robert Stanley Black Gingham Wire Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)

· Robert Stanley Silver Wire Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)

· Floral Leaves 1391994 (Hobby Lobby)

· Hot Glue

· Floral Wire

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